Cobra Scales in Nagrand

Guide Overview

Welcome to the RXP Gold Assistant’s Guide to farming Cobra Scales in Nagrand. 

This farm is focused on one of the few sources of the scales, Twilight Serpents, in a high level area in Nagrand. 

The main items you are farming in this guide are: Cobra Scales, Knothide Leather, and Knothide Leather Scraps.

We’ve rated this farm as 3/5 which means that there will be moderate competition and gold per hour will fluctuate as such.

We hope you enjoy the route and best of luck farming!

Routes & Locations

Be prepared

Make sure you empty out your bags and stock up on food and water before you start on this farm if you plan on going for any extended period of time.

Where to look at

In one area you will find serpents and birds in pairs, kill the serpent and birds will run away. That can be a bit annoying because it keeps you in combat for a few seconds. On the other side you will find serpents around Twilight Ridge where you just need to keep an eye out on patrolling elites.


This farming area is big enough for one or two people, but any more than that and you will start to suffer losses. So consider your options and whether to continue grinding or start looking at another farm.

Green & Blue BoE items are disenchanting values