Herbalism in Nagrand

Guide Overview

Welcome to the RXP Gold Assistant’s Guide to Herbalism in Nagrand.

Usually this is not a very popular zone for herbalists, because you can only gather Felweed and Dreaming Glory. Both have different spawn preferences, the first one likes hills and ledges, and the second open fields.

As previously mentioned the main items you will be farming here are Dreaming Glorys, Felweeds, and Motes of Life.

We’ve rated this farm as 3/5 contested which means the zone may be moderately contested and gold per hour can fluctuate.

We hope you enjoy it, and best of luck farming!

Routes & Locations

Know your route

Try our route and don’t be afraid to stray away from it if you see nodes but go right back as it covers most of the nodes in the zone.


Having another profession like mining or engineering can give you access to additional nodes in the form of ore veins and gas clouds to boost your profits.


You shouldn’t encounter this problem often but if you do, try cutting across the map and continue your route. The zone is big enough to support a couple of people gathering.