Our statement on the false claims made against us

Let’s clear up some recent allegations

In the past few days, several false claims were made in an attempt to paint RXP Media as a bad actor, which has fuelled speculation within the community. Importantly, at no time was RXP asked for comment about any of the claims made. Until now, we have remained silent on this matter so that we could consult with our attorneys. We fully intend to pursue the individuals responsible for the false and harmful statements.

First things first. RXP Media has not scammed anyone, and will not scam anyone. Ever. As a company, we have always been very upfront & open about what we sell and do.

We love the game and we want Classic WoW to remain relevant for years to come. That’s the core value of RXP Media: we don’t want Classic to wither away and die. Everything we do as a company reflects that and everyone working with us believes in our mission statement.

We’ll address many of the other inaccuracies and false claims, in brief, below:

• Recently, though prior to these false claims being made, Kargoz and RXP have parted ways amicably. To be clear, Kargoz no longer has any affiliation with RXP. We wish him the best in his future endeavors. Any claims made with respect to Kargoz are not, and were not, related to RXP in any way.

• Our official RXP LinkedIn still exists and was never deleted.

• “RXP owns HCAS” and anything along those lines are not true. RXP has only sponsored HCAS events, and does not own or operate any part of HCAS. We chose to sponsor them because we enjoy the community events and sponsorship benefits RXP from a marketing perspective.

• The classichc.net website was created as a passion project approximately 11 months prior to RXP being created. However, as maintenance and development costs ramped up after Road to Ragnaros, the owner, who works for RXP, asked us to cover the maintenance costs. RXP is now paying out of pocket to maintain & improve the HC site. The cost of upkeeping the website and paying developers far exceeds the total income generated from the HC site.

• The hardcore rulesets were crafted by the community and HC mods back in 2020, more than a year before RXP was founded. We started with TBC and have created guides for each new release since. The hardcore survival guide was conceived based on the feedback we received from the people who use our existing products. Implying there is a conspiracy in place to sell guides that involves the Classic Hardcore community or any of the Classic WoW developers is just not true. The Classic Hardcore community is an independent entity completely separated from RXP Media.

• We have had other websites for other games in the past. These were projects that we wanted to expand into as any company would. However, these projects were scrapped due to lack of overall interest. Winky, as an example, was interested in “Magicfind” which was going to be an ad-based web guide site for Diablo. Winky was invited to our discord for that project. Unfortunately that site never launched. To be clear, Winky was never employed by RXP.

RXP will not allow false claims to continue to be spread about its business. We have engaged counsel and will be pursuing the matter. Making false and harmful statements has consequences, and you, the community, do not deserve to be lied to.