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How do I reset my password?
You can change your password in your account section and in case you can’t log in because your lost your password use this link.

Can I link multiple accounts to my RestedXP account?
Please ensure the legal name on both Blizzard accounts matches. Send a direct message to our customer support team over Discord or send an email to for assistance. If preferred, you can also create a new Rested XP account with the other BattleTag and purchase the desired guides there.

Can I combine orders that are split between multiple accounts?
Yes you can. Navigate to “Browse Solutions” on the left side and click the “Link Order To Account” link and follow the steps.

I did not receive an email
It happens in some cases that an email does not show up in your regular inbox. Please make sure to check also your spam folder, it might show up there.


PayPal Can’t Be Used for Subscription Payments
In case you can’t pay with a credit card, look for our products that don’t have auto-renewal. There are products that grant you access to our subscription services for a certain amount of time. These products are labeled with f.e.: […] 30 Days.

Do you have a discount for returning customers?
We do! Make sure to be logged into your account and ff you do not see a crossed out price on our products after purchasing a product in the past, join our discord at and use the #open-ticket section to talk to one of our support representatives.

I accidentally bought the same product twice, can I refund one?
You can! Join our discord at and use the #open-ticket section to talk to one of our support representatives.


How do I import my guides?
You can find the installation manual here.

Why do I get an error when importing my guides?
It depends on the error, the 3 most common ones are listed below:
undefined: If your string file says undefined, your is not set on our site.
Invalid Value: This means the guide didn’t connect to your, please appear online or restart your game
Invalid Import String: This likely means your does not match the one on your account, please #open-ticket to get your adjusted.

Do I need to be online all the time to use the addon?
No, only for the first injection (and to inject subsequent updates) once you’ve injected it once the addon will detect when you are logged onto the again in the future

Do you guys have plans to update the routes and will I have to pay to get the updates?
Product updates are planned to be very frequent & 100% free of charge!

Do your guides adapt for Heirlooms and other EXP Bonuses?
Yes! We have an EXP Slider in our options where you can customize your route to the amount of bonus exp you have.

If I choose to do dungeons, does the guide pickup where I left off?
Yes and no. You have the ability to chose any level range you want. You’d miss out on previous zone quests, but we’ve added in additional & optional quests to help make up for that.

Does your addon support non-English language realms/clients?
It does! The text will be in English however.

Does RXP support every expansion?
We currently support Classic Era, Season of Discovery, WotLK,  Dragonflight, Hardcore and Cataclysm!

I’m missing a lot of exp, why?
You should be grinding mobs between quests, not just moving from objective to objective. This guide is based on speed – which means less quests to turn in. Grinding from quest to quest makes up for the lost XP.

Why does the guide skip level brackets?
The level ranges on our guides are intended for standard exp rates, if you move our Exp Slider to higher than 1x, we skip inefficient chapters, just keep following the guide.

Why am I missing guide chapters?
These are inefficient areas that we outright removed if your exp slider is above 1x, don’t worry, we added steps to the start of the next guide to get you caught up.