The new ultra-fast leveling guide.

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We are publishing a WoW speed leveling guide for both Horde & Alliance 1-70. This guide is called RestedXP!

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What is RestedXP?

Created by the best WoW Speedrunners

RestedXP is a massive collaboration between Tommysalami, Tactics, Zarant, Sevenleaves, Brandung Media (Design) & Kargoz (Marketing)

Interactive & Modern In-Game Addon

RXP is free to download and will include our 1-30 leveling guides to try out. Full class specific routes can be purchased in our store.

Fastest class specific leveling routes

Our guides are tailored to get the fastest routes out of your class.


• 1-60 Mage Solo WR – 2 Days 17 Min
• 1-60 Paladin Solo WR – 2 Days 22 Hours
• Held all 1-10 Speedrun records at once


• 1-60 Warrior Solo WR – 3 Days 17 Hours
• Beta 1-70 Blood Elf Hunter Solo – 3 Days 17 Hours
• 1st Hardcore Challenge Cup 4


• Classic 1-60 Hunter Solo WR – 3 Days 5 Hours (Deathless)
• 1st Hardcore Challenge Cup 2 & 3
• Beta 1-60 Draenei Hunter Solo – 47 Hours


• Horde Speedrun Route Strategist
• Guidelime Route Creator
• Classic Beta Speedrunner

Leveling Guides



The RestedXP Guides will be available with the TBC Pre-Patch