Speedrun Alliance Leveling Guide 1-60 – Season of Discovery & Classic Era


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Gear Upgrade Advisor

Never Wonder Again! Our addon instantly analyzes items and tells you if they’re an upgrade for your specialization. Equip your hero with confidence.

The Fastest Routes to Level 60

Experience the fastest and most efficient Leveling Routes. Hand-crafted and maintained by the best Speedrunners in the Classic WoW Community.

All Class & Race Combinations

Your RXP Leveling Guide includes support for 100% support for All Class & Race Combinations.

Advanced Alliance Mage AoE Guide

Experience top-tier WoW Classic leveling with advanced speed leveling techniques, automatic route adjustments, comprehensive questing, mob ability warnings, precise rotations, teleportation rune reminders, efficient bank usage, and early solo mount acquisition by level 40 or 42.

Talent Mastery

Unlock Your Hero’s Full Potential! Our addon guides you to choose the perfect talent points for peak efficiency in your adventure.

Hardcore Mode

Hardcore Mode removes death skips and warns you whenever a quest is risky. (For a dedicated Hardcore Survival Guide click here.)

Season of Discovery Leveling Guides

Additionally, we’re developing a rune guide that will come with the download/update of the RestedXP addon. This guide is specifically designed for players who reach the maximum level on their character, providing detailed information on all runes for each class.

Coming Soon

All Class Runes & Quest Lines

Coming soon: Our guide will feature all class-specific runes and quests right after release, enhancing your leveling experience.