World of Warcraft:

Season of Discovery Leveling & Rune Guides

Begin your journey with the fastest, finely tuned Leveling Routes crafted by expert Classic WoW Community Speedrunners. RestedXP Leveling Guide guarantees full compatibility with every Class & Race pairing.

Leveling Guides for Season of Discovery

Our SoD Speedrun Guide currently includes all the quests and necessary runes for leveling in an optimized route. Due to the absence of PTR/Beta, new quests and runes won’t be immediately available for a new phase launch. However, you can expect the Guide to be updated within the first week of a new phase launch.

Additionally, we’ve developed a completely free Rune Guide that will come with the download/update of the RestedXP addon. This guide is specifically designed for players who have reached the phase’s maximum level on their character, providing detailed information on how to obtain all currently available runes for each class.

Discoverer’s Delight

Our Leveling Guides are designed to seamlessly adapt to the ‘Discoverer’s Delight’ buff. This means you can enjoy an even faster leveling experience as you explore the world of Azeroth.

All Class Runes & Quests

Our Rune Guide features all currently available class-specific runes and quests, with future runes being added right after release. Our Speedrun Guide features all currently available and relevant leveling runes which are integrated seamlessly into our routes, enhancing your leveling experience.

Gear Upgrade Advisor

Never Wonder Again! Our addon instantly analyzes items and tells you if they’re an upgrade for your specialization. Equip your hero with confidence.

The Fastest Routes to Level 60

Experience the fastest and most efficient Leveling Routes. Hand-crafted and maintained by the best Speedrunners in the Classic WoW Community.

All Class & Race Combinations

Your RXP Leveling Guide includes support for 100% support for All Class & Race Combinations.