Make Your Own Guides With RestedXP

Rested XP is a free open source addon and offers you the possibility to create your own leveling routes. Our documentation shows you how.

Custom Guide Installation Manual

Learn easily how to prepare your own guides and access them in-game with the help of this video.

Commands & Syntax

Text Tutor
*TextCreates a note in the step window but not the guide/map
"+Text"Objective text box
>>TextDefault text, can be on its own line or after a syntax
<< Class (<< Race)Shows text to one class or race
<< Class/Class/ClassShows text to multiple class/races
<< !ClassShows text to everyone but that class or race
<< !Class !ClassShows text to everyone but those classes/races
<< tbc << wotlkSkips step if server is not on a tbc or wotlk patch
How to combine:Spaces are an "AND" operator, "/" is an "OR" operator, "!" is a "NOT" operator. Priority system is "!" > "Space" > "/"
.xp Expert
.xp 10Makes you grind to level 10
.xp 10+200Grind to level 10 and 200 exp
.xp 10-300Grind to til you are 300 exp from level 10
.xp 10.5Grind til 50% into level 10
.xp 10.5,1Skip step if you are above 50% of 10
.xp <10,1Completes step if below level 10
.maxlevel XSkips step if you're above level X
#level nStep will only show if player is greater or equal to n. Only use on stickies! Use .maxlevel otherwise
Quest Coach
Auto completes the step when you have n items of itemId, or if you have accepted questId (questId is optional, set skipIfTurnedIn to 1 if you want the task to complete if the quest is turned in already)
.collect objBitMask.collect itemId,amount,questId,objectiveBitMask,-1 --
.complete id,objTrack quest objective
.accept id,n,nidAccepts quest id.
.turnin id,nTurns in quest id. N autoselects the nth reward.
.abandon idAbandons quest id
.isQuestComplete idSkips step if quest is incomplete
.isQuestTurnedIn idSkips step if quest id isn't turned in
.isQuestAvailable idSkips step if quest id isn't able to be accepted
.isOnQuest idSkips step if quest id isn't in quest log, can also add a "-" before a quest id, ie ".turnin -1234 >>" applies .isOnQuest to that quest, good for steps w/ multiple quests
.unitscanAdds unitscan of enemy
.reputation.reputation factionID,standing,value -- completes when you have required rep
.daily id1,id2,id3,id4Accepts daily quests, completes when u accept atleast 1
.dailyturnin id1,id2,id3,id4Turnsin daily quests, completes when u turnin atleast 1
Misc Mentor
.link urlClickable hyperlink in step
.deathskipTells the player to go die. Completes on spirit rez
.skill Name,n,skipStepCompletes if skill is = or greater than n
.zoneskip zoneNameorID,1Skips the step if player is in the given zoneID. Adding a 1 reverses the logic, shows the step only to people in that zoneID.
.timer timeInSeconds,TimertextLatches to .accept or .turnin directly above and shows a timer bar.
.tame npcIDInstructs hunters to tame the specified animal id
.goto Guru - All steps should have a .goto of some sort!
.goto [ZONE],xx.xx,yy.yy Default Goto, shows on map and has quest arrow.
.goto [ZONE],xx.xx,yy.yy,zObjective Goto, arrow and map show. Objective completes when player is within z yards
.goto [ZONE],xx.xx,yy.yy,z,0Hidden Objective, same as above but no objective to complete. Used for changing waypoint
.goto [ZONE],xx.xx,yy.yy,0Map Waypoint goto, No arrow but shows on map
.goto [ZONE],xx.xx,yy.yy,-1Closest Point goto, points to nearest coordinate on that step. Req multiple coordinates.
.zone zoneNameCheckbox that completes when you enter zone
.zoneskip ZoneNameorIDSkips step if you're in the given zone
.groundgotoGoto arrow that disappears if you can fly (mostly for Outlands / Northrend)
.line zone,x1,y1,x2,y2,x3,y3..Draw lines on the map connecting the coordinates, using negative values for both x/y coordinates will draw a dash line
.loop minDist,zone,x1,y2,x2,y2,x3,y3...Draws a loop where minDist is the distance in yards where waypoint is marked as visited
Inventory Instructor
.buy id,nPurchases item with id from vendor
.use idCreates clickable item window
.bankwithdraw id1,id2Withdraws items from bank
.bankdeposit id1,id2Deposits items into bank
.money <0.01Skips step if you have less than 1 silver
.money >0.01Skips step if you have more than 1 silver
.destroy idCompletes obj if you destroy item
.bronzetubeSkips step if player has a bronze tube or has completed duskwood BT quest
.itemcount id,nSkips step if user doesn't have n or greater of item id
NPC Conversation Counselor
.trainerObj completes when you talk to a class trainer
.train spellIDObj to train specific spell
.fly / .fpUse flightmaster "".fly Menethil Harbor" / Get flightpath
.stable idObj completes when you talk to a stable master, id optional
.skipgossipSkips dialogue with npcs
.home / .hsSet hearthstone / Cast hearthstone
.vehicle idObj completes when vehicle ui shows up
.emote EmoteToken,NPCIDEmotes at npc - see comment for emote ids
Header Hero - All steps must eventually autocomplete~!
#stickyStep won't disappear until completed
#completewith nextStep completes once next step is finished - good for ending stickys
#label MyLabelLabels the step as MyLabel
#completewith MyLabelStep completes once MyLabel is complete - good for ending stickys
#requires MyLabelStep will only show up if MyLabel is complete
TBC Headers
#scryerSkips step if rep with scryers is below friendly
#aldorSkips step if rep with aldor is below friendly
Vanilla Headers
#phase1-4Step only shows if server is phase1-4
#phase5Step only shows if server is phase5+
#eraOnly shows step on era servers
#somOnly shows step on SoM servers
Hardcore Headers
#softcoreOnly shows step if hardcore is disabled
#hardcoreOnly shows step if hardcore is enabled