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RestedXP – The ultra-fast leveling guide for World of Warcraft Classic

The RestedXP Addon is a free and open source leveling guide extension for World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic, Season of Mastery and Classic Era. The addon comes with a default 1-30 speedleveling route for all classes for TBC and a default 1-20 speedleveling route for all classes for SoM and Era. You can also create and publish your own guides for RestedXP. Read more about creating your own guides.

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RestedXP Addon
Release List

RXPGuides 3.0.5

Fixed an issue with Questie integration

RXPGuides 3.0.4

RXPGuides 3.0.3

-Improved Season of Mastery phase 3 support -Fixed an issue with the human starting zone guides not showing up

RXPGuides 3.0.2

-Season of mastery phase 3 support -Fixed several Lua errors

RXPGuides 3.0.1

-Season of mastery phase 3 support -Fixed a bug preventing guides to load properly

RXPGuides 3.0.0

Added support for Season of Mastery phase 3

RXPGuides 2.1.0

-Fixes to steps asking you to buy from the AH on Hardcore mode -Wastewander Quest Waypoint -Fiery Flux description changed, no longer assumes you're a hunter/warlock -More XP gates changed to better reflect SoM Quest turnin values -Hunter.lua error -Bloodpetal banking step removed -Various missing coordinates for hearthstone sets/flightmasters added -Various improvements to bank deposit/withdrawal steps -Un-needed "Fly to Darkshire" before a "Fly to Stormwind" -Sunken Temple & Bone-bladed Weapons steps fixed if level too low -Hunter Courser Antlers quest for SoM -Of Lost Honor step skip fix -Added rogue class quest breadcrumb for Gnomes/Dwarves -2 Missing Druid train spots added -Duplicate "An Old Colleague" Removed -"Long Grinding Session" in 29-32 Duskwood set to Era only -Hunter pet stabling improvements -Hardcore version of attaining the Searing Gorge Flight Path on Alliance

RXPGuides 2.0.4

RXPGuides 2.0.3

Season of mastery support

RXPGuides 2.0.2

Season of Mastery support

RXPGuides 2.0.1

RXPGuides 2.0.0

Classic Season of Mastery support

RXPGuides 1.3.2

Waypoint system fixes Questie integration fixes Route improvements/minor bug fixes

RXPGuides 1.3.1

Fix for some NPC names missing on the Questie database

RXPGuides 1.3.0

RXPGuides 1.2.0

Added a show/hide step list checkbox Active pins will now properly show on the map Added a quest turn in reminder on the quest log, so you can see when a quest is being turned in later

Several minor fixes and extra notes

RXPGuides 1.1.2

Several fixes to quest waypoints

RXPGuides 1.1.1

Dun morogh full rework Blood elf 1-20 minor fixes notes for The First and the Last added Travel to Darkshire quest turn in Azuremyst improvements (Shaman) Dwarf hunter darkshore improvements Ashenvale fixes for Draenei Flight path fixes

RXPGuides 1.1

kobold laborers waypoint fix tirisfal warlock spell name fix Horde Druid class quests added added extra quests to Draenei starting zone 1-14 Human - Warlock waypoint added to avoid confusion 10-13 Barrens deathskip change, 10-20 Ghostlands - Level 14 xp gate fix 11-23 Alliance - Darkshore Crawler questline slight rework 20-30 Horde - Splintertree Hearthstone coordinates added, flight master coordinates added, Besseleth more information added, fixed auto training checkbox fixed legend of stalvan quest line added notes for mark of the lightbringer Draenei starting zone improvements

RXPGuides 1.0.1

starting zone fixes map related fixes

RXPGuides 1.0

more general details added (go upstairs, in the building, don't sell cooking q food, etc) Blood Elf starting zone fixes Orc/troll starting zone fixes 20-30 Horde fixes Added an option to change current step frame anchor Human start zone overhaul Blood Elf start zone fixes Orc/Troll starting zone fixes Mulgore starting zone fixes Tirisfal starting zone fixes 13-23 Horde fixes Chieftain Oomooroo (9573) fix extra notes for 20-30 alliance 1-6 Tirisfal - Small fixes/waypoint updates 1-11 Elwynn Overhaul, shaman compatibility added. Human imp quest video added 11-14 Dun Morogh/loch - Small fixes/waypoint updates 1-10&13 Mulgore - Small fixes/waypoint updates 1-10 Durotar - Small fixes/waypoint updates. Paladin compatibility 10-13 Durotar - Small fixes/waypoint updates 1-14 Dwarf/Gnome - Imp Warlock quest video added, Icebeard meat video added 1-6 Blood Elf - comment fixes 6-10 Blood Elf - race specific fixes 10-20 Blood Elf - non-blood elf fixes. Reminders to not vendor food quest items. Dar'khan questline fix, Dar'khan lieutenants fix 13-23 Barrens - small fixes/waypoint updates 20-30 Horde - Small fixes/waypoint updates. Hillsbrad fixed. Blood shard quest added. Zeppelin tower comment fixed Removed pre-requisite for Infiltration (533) changed WC waypoints map overhaul barrens waypoint fix

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Last edited on April 11, 2022
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The best way to keep the addon up to date is by using WowUp Download and install WoWUp: https://wowup.io/

Once WoWUp is installed, click on Get Addons then Install From URL and copy-paste the following URL:


The guides for Season of Mastery and Classic Era are still in development. If you encounter any kind of bugs or issues, we would appreciate your feedback. Join our Discord to report bugs, issues or just have a discussion with us.

Open Source

RestedXP is a free and open source addon for World of Warcraft Classic. Visit our GitHub page.

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Use our speedleveling guides within the RestedXP addon.
Find our guides here.

Perfectly tailored for any class

Our guides are perfectly tailored for any class by the best speedlevelers in the WoW scene.

Free routes included

The RestedXP addon has built in 1-30 leveling routes for every class for TBC and 1-20 leveling routes for SoM and Era.

Create your own route

Use RestedXP to create and publish your own leveling routes. Learn more.

Unique and modern UI design

The RestedXP addon comes with a unique and modern Interface design to provide the best ingame experience for you while you are leveling.

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