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Introducing the RestedXP Leveling Guide for WoW Classic: Cataclysm, the fastest way to level 85. Expertly created by the fastest players in the WoW speedleveling scene. The Cataclysm Leveling Guide, compatible for all class and race combinations, will seamlessly guide you through Deathwing’s devastated lands of Azeroth.

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Updated Routes for a new Azeroth

Explore the lands of a new Azeroth with our meticulously crafted leveling, loremaster, gathering, and reputation routes. Navigate all new challenges and experiences with ease in World of Warcraft Classic: Cataclysm.

Discover New Starting Zones

Help Genn Graymane in Gilneas: Master a mysterious curse, defend against Forsaken, and lead Worgen to the Alliance refuge. “Assist” Gallywix in Kezan: Outdo him, cause chaos, and lead Goblins to the Horde refuge.

The Fastest Routes to Level 85

Experience the fastest and most efficient Leveling Routes. Hand-tailored and maintained by the best Speedlevelers in the entire WoW Community specific to each class and race combination, utilising all-new shortcuts, tricks, and logout skips to save you more time than ever.

Test Level 1-30 for Free

Test RestedXP by leveling from 1-30 for free and see if you like these guides.

Pre-Order Cataclysm Guides

Please note that this product is currently available for pre-order and is not yet playable. It will be released before the launch of Cataclysm Classic. Stay updated on our community Discord.