RestedXP Resources for Content Creators & Streamers

About RestedXP

RestedXP is the fastest World of Warcraft Classic leveling guide, created by the best speedrunners of the community. The guides are tailored specifically to every class and can be used within a free, interactive and modern in-game addon.

Apply for Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program and start earning generous commissions on every sale you refer. At RestedXP, we value our affiliates and reward your dedication with a tiered commission structure that allows you to earn up to 50% on each referred sale.

Streamer Kit

We bundled a kit of assets in a .ZIP file for you to use in your streaming software.
Scroll down below to get individual asset instead of the entire kit.

Promotion Panels

These images are promotional panels designed for Twitch. As an affiliate, you can customize them with your RefLink to earn rewards on sales conversions.

Launch Trailers

Streamers and creators, you can find and download all our release trailers here for your promotional needs. Share the excitement with your audience!

Key Art & Illustrations

Logos & Icons

Download official RestedXP Logos & Icons files for your promotion campaign.


This file contains the official font for the RestedXP brand.

Overlay Designs

Calling all content creators and streamers! Elevate your stream with our exclusive overlay designs and assets designed for RestedXP promotion. Whether you want to add individual elements to your stream or use complete stream packages (coming soon), we’ve got you covered.

Promo Pop-Ups (Browser Source)

Discover our browser source-based promotion popups designed for streamers. These popups appear every 5 minutes for 20 seconds, giving you a dynamic way to promote RestedXP. Choose your preferred style, set the source URL, and watch the magic happen, engaging your viewers with RestedXP promo panels.

Pops up every 5 minutes for 20 seconds
Recommended Browser Source Resolution: 370×510 Pixel
Disable Animation: Add “.anim-hover {animation:none !important;}” to Custom CSS field.
Animated Pop-Ups
Download Static Panel Overlay