Join our Trailblazers task force

We are looking for active, dedicated community members to recruit into an elite rank within the RestedXP community.

We are looking for skilled players

We are looking for skilled players who are willing to work side-by-side with the RXP team to provide in-depth feedback and improvements to our guides and products. Consider applying if any of the below sound like you:

Class Veteran

You are extremely knowledgeable about your class and have a desire to provide tips to other players.

Experienced Leveler

You enjoy speedleveling and finding better ways to optimize routes

Economy Expert

You are an auction house tycoon who sees improvements that can be made on the Gold Assistant.

Become a RestedXP Trailblazer

Anyone accepted into the program will receive ALL of our current and future RXP content, as well as early dev builds of future products, for free.

We are looking for skilled players who are willing to work side-by-side with the RXP team to provide in-depth feedback and improvements.

Trailblazers will be expected to post detailed feedback as they use our products, and long lengths of unannounced inactivity may result in rewards being paused or even removed in extreme cases.

Users with access to WoTLK and Dragonflight beta are heavily encouraged to apply.

Unlock ALL RXP Content

We hope to add more rewards to the program in the future as it grows and evolves,
so stay tuned for future updates.

All RXP Content

Members of the Trailblazer Task Force will unlock all of our content, including WoW guides, a Lifetime Gold Assistant subscription, and any of our future projects for free.

Early Access

You will gain access to Dev Builds for all of our projects. This includes early access to any new features and exclusive versions of our leveling guides that work on the WoTLK & Dragonflight Betas, allowing you to plan and test your routes ahead of the competition.

Access Behind The Scenes

Trailblazers will also receive a unique discord role and badge, as well as access to a private chat with the devs.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a RestedXP Trailblazer! We’re very excited to have this opportunity to grow and improve our community with your help.

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