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The Gold Assistant is currently only available for Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

The RestedXP Gold Assistant will consist of different elements. The first and main tool on our site is the Gold Farming Calculator. Here you will create your character on our website. This will include your Gear Level / Mount speed / Mount enchants & items / Professions / Class / Faction / Server. Based on all these metrics the tool will calculate the best gold farms for your specific characters that you have on your server. All the 75+ gold farms will be calculated based on LIVE Auction House data and calculated into Gold Per Hour. Each farm will have details on what you are farming, what route to take and in the case of dungeons even videos of the farm.

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Live Auction House Analytics

Your Gold Assistant scans your server’s Auction House and suggests the best, most realistic gold farms based on your character’s power level and current market trends.

A Tool Customized For Your Characters

Your Gold Assistant factors in your characters’ class, spec, gear level, movement speed and more to provide you with the most realistic gold per hour.

Print Easy Gold from the Comfort of a City

Your Gold Assistant will calculate the overhead costs of hundreds of different profession items and show you which ones are profitable and by how much. Simply buy, craft, and profit!

Detailed overview

The tool will also provide a full breakdown on where the money comes from. Both in open world farms, dungeon farms, gathering farms.

Increase GPH through Optimized Gathering Pathing!

Ideal gathering routes should zig zag frequently for maximum node exposure. Your Gold Assistant will provide you with a simple arrow through an in-game addon that will guide you to the maximum number of gathering nodes possible.

Diverse Farm Methods

The guide provides you with more than 80+ farms with anything from dungeon farms, gathering farms and open world killing farms!

Gold Assistant by RestedXP – $5.99/month

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Avoid Contested Farm Spots

All the gold guides can be filtered to show different contest ratings. That way you can adjust where you wanna go based on what time you are playing.

Become an Auction House Tycoon

Your Gold Assistant will provide you with access to a growing selection of videos made by gold farming experts to teach you auction house fundamentals and recommend WOTLK investments.