With the Race to World First only weeks away, Method cannot waste any time in leveling Characters in the latest World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Expansion.

Method’s roster of 40+ World of Warcraft Players will be leveraging the experience of WoW’s Top Speedrunners by utilising RestedXP Guides.

Time is of the essence

With the release of Vault of the Incarnates Heroic & Mythic Tiers releasing on the 13th December, players within Method have only two weeks from the release of Dragonflight until one of the longest Esports events in the gaming ecosystem.

As such, Method Players are reliant on reducing their time spent leveling to accumulate Pre-Raid Best-in-Slot Gear, work on professions, stockpile as many consumables as possible for the marathon ahead and ensure that their characters are in the best position to progress through the Eight Bosses the Vault of the Incarnates has in-store for them.

To minimize their downtime, Method players will be taking advantage of RestedXP leveling Guides as they grind their way to Level 70 through the most optimized routes and mechanics in the Dragon Isles.

Removing the Headache

RestedXP combines optimized Routes with easy-to-use and understand Tools, removing the challenge of leveling whilst ensuring that downtime is kept to a minimum.

RestedXP offers full 1-70 Guides for both Horde/Alliance, as well as specific Guides for Dragonflight Only.

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What our players say about RestedXP

Rested XP is perfect! Routes made by speedrunners, Minmax consumables, Automated quest accept/hand-in and an arrow to follow. I’ve had experience with RestedXP in Wrath and will use it again for Dragonflight. Probably the best addon of 2022.

Method’s Gaming God / Analyst

I love using RestedXP due to their automated tools that allow amazing leveling efficiency, even though I am not the greatest leveler

Method Raider

Now I’ve taken a step back from progression raiding, the ability to spend my time efficiently in WoW is of paramount importance to me – RestedXP helps me achieve that!

Method CEO

Excited to try out WoW again after 2 years. Going to be using Rested XP to get me through the leveling process with optimized routes and automated quest turn ins, allowing for a super smooth leveling experience.

Method Raider

With Vault of the Incarnates around the corner, putting my trust in RestedXP to level as effectively as possible enables my time to be better spent in acquiring BIS Gear, rather than Zone-to-Zone travel & mindless questing!

Method Raider

I level faster watching a movie on my 2nd Monitor than most people can achieve with focused leveling sessions. Thanks RestedXP!

Method Raider

Rested XP is one of the most detailed, well thought through and easy to use guides out there. It has features such as the automated quest turn ins and navigation arrow that do all of the work for you, all you need to do is follow it and you will have a fast and efficient leveling experience. I have never used a leveling guide addon before, but after using Rested XP I don’t know if I will be able to level without one again. It’s that good.

Method Raider

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All Class & Race Combinations

Your RXP Leveling Guide includes 100% support for All Class & Race Combinations including Exiles Reach and the new Dracthyr Evoker Starting Zone

New Player Friendly

Reach the Dragonflight content as fast as possible with the new player friendly Guide. It includes the fastest way to reach level 60 in the mandatory Battle for Azeroth starting experience .