Dragonflight Both Faction Guide 1-70 – Pre-Order


This is an pre-order item and becomes available for Download soon. The exact release date is still to be announced, stay tuned for more information.

The “Dragonflight Both Faction Guide, 1-70” is your fastest way to level up any character you got from both factions, beginning in Azeroth and going to the Dragon Isles.
This collection includes the level 1 to 70 guides for the Horde and the Alliance in the Dragonflight Expansion.

This pack is a perfect fit for those who want to level up any character and be ahead in the Dragonflight Expansion.
Order now to embark on your swiftest experience from 1 to 70.

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Pre-Order Bonus:

Anyone who Pre-Orders a Dragonflight Leveling Guide will be given the Ultimate Preparation Guide for free with their purchase. The Ultimate Preparation Guide will help you soar through Dragonflight by showing you all the ways to prepare for launch day and get a head start on the competition.