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Warrior 1-70 Leveling Guide

To get the best result from our World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic Speedleveling Guide, it takes more than just taking the fastest route. We’ll show you how to play your class most effectively with our guide.


Leveling as a Warrior you will mostly be fighting mobs one at a time opening with Charge. You must be very wary of accidentally pulling another mob as generally can’t survive two at a time until you get sweeping strikes at level 30.

Gaining Berserker Stance at level 30 greatly increases the utility of the class as it will give you an additional gap closer (Intercept), interrupt (Pummel) and AOE attack (Sweeping Strikes). You will also get even stronger abilities at 36 (Whirlwind) and 40 (Bloodthirst)

For the weapons, it’s recommended to use 2h from level 1-50. This is because you will always be able to cleave 2 mobs down with a 2 handed with this talent build & the weapons you get from the guide.

At 50-70 it depends on your own playstyle, it’s recommended to go if you are able to still use Sweeping correctly, however if your preference is 1h you can switch to that from 50-70. If you do switch to dual wielding remember to change the talents a bit to spec into Dual Wield Specialization




Heroic Strike

Rend should be used whenever you can get the full value out of it.


Gaining melee hit is rare but anywhere you can get it becomes crucial up to the cap of 9%.

The main stat for Warriors to get first is hit rating, this is not something that becomes available until outlands. Before outlands, your goal is to get crit & attack power.

Therefore strength/AP is the most useful. Agi is still very useful due to the crit it provides and the survivability from armor/dodge too. Crit allows you to generate more rage (everytime you crit) but at later levels it also gives you Flurry procs.

Stat prioritization


warrior spec

Talent order

10 – 14 Deflection
15 – 16 Improved Charge
17 – 19 Improved Thunder Clap
20 Improved Overpower
21 – 23 Deep Wounds
24 Anger Management
25 – 26 Impale
27 – 31 Cruelty
32-36 Unbridled Wrath
37 Piercing Howl
38 – 42 Commanding Presence
43 – 46 Enrage
47 Sweeping Strikes
48 Enrage
49 – 51 Blood Craze
52 – 56 Flurry
57 Bloodthirst
58 – 60 Precision
61 Improved Whirlwind
62 – 66 Improved Berserker Stance
67 – 68 Tactical Mastery