Cataclysm Pre-Orders, Gold Assistant & New Free Profession Tool

Hey everyone,

Exciting news ahead!

Our Cataclysm guide is now available for pre-order at: Cataclysm Classic

We’re aiming to release these guides roughly a month before the Cataclysm Launch.

Plus, we’re diligently updating the SoD guides to accommodate the 100% XP buff from levels 1-39. Expect this update in the next few days. For precise updates, join the appropriate role in #self-roles.

We’ve made the tough decision to discontinue the gold assistant. While it’s a hard call, we believe it didn’t meet our expectations. All subs can use it until their subscription ends. We’ve been working on a new profession tool, originally planned as part of the gold assistant. This tool will be free and calculates the most cost-effective way to level up professions with near real-time prices. It’ll be released alongside the existing profession guides.

Best regards,
The RestedXP Team

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