RestedXP Monthly Update – February Report

Hello everyone,

our Gnome and Goblin engineers worked on some updates and bug fixes.
Here is a summary of released changes for the February update.

Season of Mastery & Classic Era


  • Fixed Stormpike’s Delivery turn in for Warlocks
  • Fixed Stormpike’s Delivery showing for classes other than Warlocks
  • Fixed duplicate Stormwind Flightpath step
  • Fixed missing class/race check for Assessing the Threat
  • Fixed Broken turnin for A King’s Tribute
  • Fixed Broken waypoint for Warriors to fly to Wetlands
  • Added an extra waypoint for Gammerita
  • Fixed bad flight path coordinates (meant only for Warlocks) at the start of the Feralas guide
  • Fixed missing “Train cooking” step for Dwarves/Gnomes
  • Added additional Cooking-related steps back in for the Strider Meat quest in Darkshore
  • Removed duplicate step for Fine Crab Chunks (meant only for Era)

The Burning Crusade


  • Fixed Missing Flight path accept for Warlocks for the Astranaar Flight Path
  • Added a Missing waypoint for Astranaar flight path
  • Fixed Rogue lockpicking step that didn’t complete automatically with the next step (and had to be ticked manually)
  • Fixed missing turnin for “The Night Watch” for Draenei Shamans


  • Added a more detailed comment for Deepmoss Eggs
  • Fixed missing Staves skill training for Orc Warlock

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