RestedXP monthly update report

RestedXP Monthly Update – January Report

Season of Mastery / Era

  • Rerouted some turnins to be more time-efficient
  • The Orc Report coordinates (Alliance)
  • Unintended additional “Stonetalon Peak” flight path step for Warlocks (Alliance)
  • Added thrown pre-steps for Whirlwind Axe questline (Alliance)
  • Report Back to Fizzlebub turnin to era only (Horde)
  • Missing Pylon steps added (Horde)
  • Whirlwind quest text simplification (Horde)
  • Misplaced #completewith for Diseased wolf quest (Horde)

Burning Crusade

  • Coordinate overhaul, arrow should disappear less
  • Due to coordinate overhaul, the guides are now less data-intensive
  • Missing Auto-flights added
  • Whirlwind Axe quest step revised
  • Numerous typo fixes
  • Unitscan integration added (rather, unitscans added for certain mobs/quests)
  • Fixed Various comment typos
  • Missing .zone steps without .goto waypoints
  • Missing flight waypoints added
  • Swamplight manor breadcrumb (Alliance)
  • Raptor Captor elaborated further, waypoint (Alliance)
  • Step not properly ending with getting Cozzle’s Key correctly (Horde)
  • Added the skip section from wetlands->Kargath flight path from Era guide (Horde)
  • Missing coordinates for Necklace Recovery (Horde)
  • Dustwallow waypoint for dragonkin kill step (Horde)
  • Holy Spring water step correctly configured (Horde)
  • Missing waypoint for Elixir of Agony pickup (Horde)
  • Missing sticky close for Tablet Shard in STV (Horde)
  • Un’goro section reworked (Horde)
  • Plaguelands section reworked (Horde)
  • Added missing teleports instead of flights for mages (Horde)
  • Mage-specific routing improved, including logout skips (Horde)
  • Added waypoints for the journey from Stranglethorn to Blasted Lands (Horde)
  • TBC and SoM: -Missing Ringo Escort coordinates added (Horde)

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