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Release date: May 17th 2021

Druid 1-70 Leveling Guide

To get the best result from our World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic Speedleveling Guide, it takes more than just taking the fastest route. We’ll show you how to play your class most effectively with our guide.


Leveling a druid is a balancing act between spending your mana in caster while getting value from your feral forms.  Because of your ability to heal you will have low downtime compared to other classes and will rarely have to drink & eat.


1-10 (No forms)

Initially you will start out as a melee / caster hybrid. To maximize your efficiency and damage cast moonfire only after completing a melee swing – as it will reset your swing timer.

10-20 (Bear)

During these levels you will mainly be in bear form and will conserve your mana to heal up between pulls.  Against tougher mobs or if you need to burst a target you can open with wrath/moonfire before shifting to bear.

21+ (Cat)

Faerie Fire -> Claw (or Mangle) -> Ferocious Bite (or Rip)

Only use Rip finisher if you can get about 2 thirds of its full duration – otherwise it’s more efficient to just use Ferocious Bite.

You can also use rip, pull another mob and let rip run to its full duration on your initial target while you kill your new target.

In TBC you no longer lose combo points by switching targets, so if your damage over time abilities are not quite enough to finish off a mob, you can switch targets, finish them with normal auto attacks and you won’t lose combo points on your other target.

Rake doesn’t scale very well with gear, as you get better gear this spell becomes useless, it’s a very useful spell under level 40 if you don’t have twink gear.

At level 50, mangle becomes your primary combo point builder.  It provides the most damage per energy while providing a substantial dps boost. This will carry you all the way to 70.


Strength > Agility > Attack Power > Stamina



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