Patch Notes – Recent Updates November 9th

Hello everyone!

We have a very large update today for Classic guides, and some news about Retail guides.

This is both an addon and a guide update, so please update your addon and redownload then reimport any guides.

Addon Version: 4.3.22
Guide Version: 12

Dragonflight Guides

The Dragonflight guides are entering the final testing phases. We’ll be working up to the final hour to make sure you guys have the best guide you can for prepatch and for launch.

The current release plan is as follows:

1-60 will be released for download on November 14th, the night before Prepatch Part 2 drops to give everyone time to pre-download and pre-import their guide.

60-70 will be released later on November 27th to give us more time to polish these guides while they aren’t in use. Similarly giving everyone a day to pre-import and resolve any issues.

The exact time of these releases is up in the air, as we will be trying to pack as many final touches as we can onto the guides. We will be aiming for our downloads to be available 24 hours~ prior to the launch however.

If you have pre-ordered 1-70 Dragonflight package, your prep guide is available to view here. We will be updating this guide over the next week as some things have been fixed by Blizzard. Be sure to regularly check in for any changes. Additionally we will be including a macro to auto-turn in all of your pet battle quests to speed up your launch day turn ins.

Wotlk Guides

We have fixed over a thousand combined bugs, QoL changes, and heirloom routing adjustments in this update. This is one of our biggest updates ever in terms of total fixes.

The main changes:

Alliance w/ heirlooms saw the removal of some Ashenvale quests, removed Badlands entirely, and had big adjustments to the Searing Gorge/Burning Steppes section due to users getting overleveled in their late 30s/early 40s.

Horde had three zones added to their route due to the droprate changes Blizzard stealth added to the game, resulting in lowered exp gains due to less mobs killed. Horde also had a massive bug fixed that could result in certain users skipping Arathi Highlands, causing them to be behind in exp come STV/Dustwallow. There should be a lot less grind steps on horde now.

There will likely be another, smaller, update next week to finish up some smaller bugs we are working on but weren’t worth delaying this update another week for. Get the @Update Squad role from self-roles to be notified when that one is released on our Discord.

Patch Notes

4.3.22 / Guide Version 12 patch notes

1-30 Alliance

-Many misc Typo fixes
-Removed Earthroot Harvesting Steps for Druids due to the quest being removed in wotlk
-Added a Mining Pick Check for Rogue/Paladin/Warrior
-Clarified Training Step for Priests Arriving in Stormwind from Teldrassil
-Added Redridge Mountains Flight Path/Fly Back to Stormwind Step
-Removed “Tramping Paws” Abandon Step
-Added Training Step for Priests During “Absent Minded Prospector”
-Added Training Steps for Druids Arriving to/Departing from Azuremyst Isle
-Added Fly Step After Night Elf Mount Training

1-30 Horde

-Many Misc Typo Fixes
-“Rites of the Earthmother” Grind Step Smoothing
-Unitscan added for Chief Sharptusk Thornmantle
-“Rite of Strength” Arrow Fix
-“A Task Unfinished” Grind Step Smoothing
-Fixed Auto-Accept for “Incriminating Documents”
-Adjusted Vendor Steps to Auto-Skip if Complete
-Added “Runewarden Deryan” Turn-In Step for Undead
-Removed Zoneskip from Rogue Training Steps After BFD
-Adjusted “Need for a Cure” Waypoint again
-Updated “Delivery to Tranquillien” Questgiver Waypoint
-Separated “Culinary Crunch/”Wanted: Knucklerot and Luzran” Accept Steps to prevent skip issues
-Moved Mara Runetotem turn in & Until Death Do Us Apart turn in around for a faster route.
-Moved Filled Ret Waterskin in Hillsbrad a few steps later for a faster routing in the city.
-Fixed a bug that made the Syndicates Rogues & Watchman not forced to be finished but instead staying as a sticky when being told to go kill bears.
-Grind step to level 24 before leaving Hillsbrad
-While doing the escort Ruul in Ashenvale you are now told to focus on killing quest mobs while you are doing the escort.
-Removed set home step in Camp T for Shaman
-Removed set your home to Orgrimmar before going Hillsbrad
-Renamed Barrens 13-22 instead of 13-23
-Renamed Hillsbrad & Ashenvale 23-27 to 22-25 Hillsbrad / South Barrens
-Moving South Barrens to before Ashenvale instead of after because you complete quests faster in WOTLK, this creates an issue where you are under leveled. For that reason a new guide has been made which is Stonetalon 25-26 if you are playing on 1x. If you are playing on 1.1x or 1.2x this guide will be skipped.
Most of the quests here are still the same and in the same order however because of this change you now do a bunch of quests in Stonetalon you didn’t before & you now do Ordanus in Ashenvale aswell. One quest that has been removed is The Tear of the Moons because you will be underleveled now because you do South Barrens earlier.
-Because of the changes with South Barrens earlier you now do the Kobold quest earlier too in Thousand Needles.
-Updated text for Flying Machine in Barrens.
-Moved when you get the Freewind Post 2 step forward for optimized routing in the city.
-Reduced a grindstep in Thousand Needles with 10k, this will make you still get 30 in time for finishing Thousand Needles.
-Fixed a bug that made you want to pick up Return to Thunder Bluff even if you are not on the questline.
-Moved Return to Crossroads to a later point so you don’t have to run all the way to Crossroads for a delivery you can do later.
-Added Chen’s Empty Keg into Active Items.
-Made it so you only have to get 3 Raptor Horns and the step auto finishes when you have it instead of it being a written text.
-New text saying that raptors & plainstriders share respawn.
-Improved route in ratchet when turning in and delivering The Missing Shipment.
-Updated cordinate for Quillboar quests so you get to the next quests faster.
-Fixed a bug that didn’t force you to kill Owatanka
-Fixed a bug that made you deliver 10 Blood Shards that’s not needed
-Fixed a bug that skipped Kaya’s Alive turn in.
-Fixed damp note quest not being a sticky quest
-Added damp note to a active items list
-Added in grindsstep to ensure you get 22 before Hillsbrad
-Added in Until Death do us apart
-Added in one hand axe training for shaman.

1-30 Horde Cont

-Grind to level 2 & 570 xp to make sure you ding level 3 in town so you can accept the Lazy Peon quest.
-Added Earth Sapta to the Active items tap for Shamans in Durotar.
-Increased the amount of yards to change the arrow location for finding the Hidden Path as Shaman in Durotar.
-Reduced Shaman XP grind by 15 XP at level 5.
-Improved bonfire skip so the step doesn’t skip if you have already done the next step, which for many classes was to buy a weapon upgrade at the vendor.
-Reduced the grindstep to reach level 10 by 625 XP, because one quest was not accounted for.
-Optimized routing for first time you get to Crossroads because you no longer deathskip to Crossroads due to increased amount of graveyards.
-45 minutes timer to reach Thunder Bluff added for the timed quest Apothecary Zamah
-Shamans in wotlk no longer get asked to train Staves in TB
-Added a deathskip out og ORG if you’re level 11 or below.
-Added in an extra Hidden Enemies quest for Shaman that will be deliverd at level 17 for free XP.
-Added in another deathskip from RFC and out of ORG before going to Barrens.

30-60 Alliance

-Many misc typo/waypoint fixes
-Added a pickup step for “Krazek’s Crookery” at a convenient location; added relevant turn in steps as well
-Adjusted quest pickups in STV to prevent a full quest log while using Heirlooms
-Fixed an issue with Flight and Hearth steps skipping while using Heirlooms
-Added an optional turnin step for the quest “Southshore” for players who got the quest early
-Added more detailed step text to multiple steps
-Fixed misleading waypoints in STV
-Added more Turn In checks for “Jungle Secrets” if people found the roleplay quest during unexpected times
-Added a level 40 check for “Help for Mudsprocket”
-Added reminders to re-equip your helmet after diving quests
-Fixed deathskips being skipped in Dustwallow when using heirlooms
-Added a check to delete extra Darkmist Eyes
-Added an earlier opportunity for Night Elves and Draenei to train their epic mounts
-Skipped 41-43 Badlands entirely when using heirlooms
-Corrected Rebel Camp Flight Master Waypoint
-Fixed End of 30-45 Guide to Automatically Open 45-60 Guide
-Heirloom-Gated Badland Quest “Accept” Steps
-Fixed “Fly to Booty Bay” Step at Beginning of STV/Swamp of Sorrows Guide
-Added Fly Step after “STOLEN: Smithing Tuyere and Lookout’s Spyglass”
-XP-Gated Tram to Stormwind/Boat to Darkshore Quests after Searing Gorge
-Added Travel Steps to End of Searing Gorge/Start of Burning Steppes Guide
-Added Flight Path step to Burning Steppes Guide
-Corrected Rebel Camp Flight Master Waypoint
-Fixed End of 30-45 Guide to Automatically Open 45-60 Guide
-Heirloom-Gated Badland Quest “Accept” Steps
-Removed “Raptor Mastery” Accept Step’s Reliance on “Panther Mastery” Chain Completion
-Added Druid Training Step Towards End of Dustwallow Marsh Section
-Removed Druid Training Step at Start of Arathi/Alterac Guide
-Fixed Arathi Highlands Flight Destinations
-Streamlined Epic Mount Training Steps + Added “Mail Gold” Note
-Added “Fly to Darnassus” Step after Arriving in Darkshore
-Bumped “Teleport to Darnassus” Step Higher for Mages after Ironforge Turn-Ins

30-60 Horde

-Added in to accept Alliance Relations part 1 & 2 in ORG
Added in to accept Call to Air for Shamans in ORG
-Fixed an issue that made steps at the start of 30-34 section in UC skip when they shouldn’t.
-Added an active item for Shaman water totem quest in Silverpine Forest
-Fixed a bug that made a hearth step autoskip
-Crossroads is now hearth instead of org when you are doing Hillsbrad/Arathi at 30-33
-Made you hearth to Crossroads after Shimmering Flats is done
-Added in 33-34 Desolace
-Eldercrone is fixed so it doesn’t autoskip the step sometimes.
-Reduced XP grind in STV by 2k & moved it forward 2 quests.
-Extra text about shared respawns for Tigers and Panthers in STV
-Extra text for Turtle Meat delivery in Hills
-Made a more detailed path for getting too Loch Modan
-Added in 1h weapons you can buy in Badlands for Shaman instead of in Thunder Bluff later
-Made Broken Alliances a level 40 requirement quest and made sure people will still do it even if not level 40 first time they get to the city.
-Badlands bird & coyete quest order & cordinates improved.
-Improved text for necklace because troogs can drop it too.
-Changed order you do the Uldaman quests to improve routing.
-Step for training daggers for Shamans in Undercity
-Killing the level 43 boss in Alterac mountain is now done after Badlands (41) instead of before (39) & you now go deliver the quests in UC at 41 instead of 49. That way you won’t get 20-40% reduced XP from delivering them later.
-Improved routing for accepting The Essence of Enmity in Dustwallow
-Fixed a bug that made you not accept two quests in STV (skipped step)
-Improved routing in Booty Bay & added text for when to go up and downstairs.
-Fixed Stranglethron Fever so it doesn’t autoskip anymore.
-Fixed a bug that made Message in a bottle and it’s followups skip
– Running out of text, 200+ misc fixes in Hinterlands/searing gorge, horde 45+

60-80 Alliance

-Added Cold Weather Flying/riding checks to many flightpaths and waypoints
-Added hs cd checking to DK/Mage/Druid training so you don’t get sent to train when it’s on cooldown
-Added alternative routes for “Saragosa’s End” turnin depending on whether or not the Prison is on cooldown, whether the player has flying, etc
-Added more waypoints depending on whether you have Flying OR are a DK for “Not Without a Fight!”
-Minor text formatting/typo fixes
-Missing waypoints added for Vic steps
-Fix class specific reagent purchasing in Hellfire
-Added boosted character teleport scroll steps
-Fixed Ruby Beacon/Wyrmrest Temple flight steps showing for people with Cold Weather Flying
-Removed a duplicate step from Death Knight starting experience

60-80 Horde

-Added Cold Weather Flying/riding checks to many flightpaths and waypoints
-Added hs cd checking to DK/Mage/Druid training so you don’t get sent to train when it’s on cooldown
-Added alternative routes for “Saragosa’s End” turnin depending on whether or not the Prison is on cooldown, whether the player has flying, etc
-Fixed timer for “The Gearmaster”
-Added more waypoints depending on whether you have Flying OR are a DK for “The Heart of the Elements” and “Not Without a Fight!”
-Minor text formatting/typo fixes
-Grouped together some steps
-Added another step for doing Runed Stone Giants
-Adjusted Coordinates and Instructions for Accuracy
-Added Cold-Weather Flying Contingencies
-Added Auto-Targeting for Questgivers/Unitscans For Easy-to-Miss Quest Mobs
-Adjusted Kill Order for “Landing the Killing Blow”/”Trail of Fire”
-Added .isQuestComplete Contingencies for “Landing the Killing Blow,” “Baleheim Bodycount,” “Suppressing the Elements,” and “Hasty Preparations”
-Missing waypoints added for Vic steps
-.use 33606 >>Use Lurielle’s Pendant in your bags on Chill Nymphs typo fix
-Adjusted description of Arcanimus
-Adjusted some .isQuestComplete steps to be grouped together better
-“Spiking the Mix” Waypoint Adjustment
-“Landing the Killing Blow” Fixes
-Various Route improvements (Fixed three quests that you could do en route with other quests)
-Fixed Ruby Beacon/Wyrmrest Temple flight steps showing for people with Cold Weather Flying
-Other minor fixes
-Extreme waypoint polish
-Many minor bug fixes
-Cold Weather Flying+Ground mount compatible

Gold Guides

-Fixed sons of hodir pre-quests for non-humans so all quests will be available
-Fixed sons of hodir dailies auto skipping in the daily guide

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