OUT NOW: Dragonflight Ultimate Preparation Guide

The end of the Shadowlands is near and it’s time to start preparing for Dragonflight!

To help you on your journey, we’ve released the Ultimate Preparation Guide for those of you who have pre-ordered a 1-70 Dragonflight Guide. It is available now.

If you’re still interested in getting your hands on your own copy of the Preparation Guide, head over to the Dragonflight Guides page and pre-order any 1-70 Guide now to gain access to this limited item.

The guide covers a wide variety of ways you can speed up your leveling process, including the following:

Recommended Addons & Macros

  • All Gear and Equipment with unique speed increase effects for your class.
  • A comprehensive list of Items and Toys to give you an edge over your competition
  • As well as a list of quests you can pre-complete to prepare to turn in on Launch Day.

Completeing all of the recommended preparation above is enough to cut your leveling time in half for the average user. Get out there and start collecting!

We hope this Ultimate Preparation Guide is enough to keep you busy until Dragonflight launches later in November. See you on the Dragon Isles!

Download RestedXP Addon

Free routes included
Add in speedleveling routes
Perfectly tailored for any class