RestedXP Installation Manual

First steps with your new RestedXP leveling guide.

Getting started with your RestedXP guide is easy. Once you have got started, you will quickly fly up to max level.

Option A: Video on how to set up your RestedXP guide

Option B: Follow these steps to set up your RestedXP guide

Step 1

Download the latest version of the RestedXP addon

If you have a older version of RestedXP installed, delete the addon in your addon folder.

Now, download the latest version of the addon.

Step 2

Connect your and import your Guide into the RestedXP Addon

Implementing License Protection

Your RestedXP guides are now bound to your account and You are the only person that can access and use your guides. Add your to your account in your account section.

Add your
Import Your Guide

Go over to your Downloads in your account section and download the string file by clicking the “Export” button. Open the text file and copy the entire code string and import it in-game.