Essence of Fire in Un’goro

Guide Overview

Welcome to the RXP Gold Assistant’s Guide to farming Essence of Fire in Un’Goro Crater. 

This is an open world farm over a large area around and on the volcano including Fire Elementals. There are few different varieties of Fire Elementals here including one spell casting ranged so you will learn as you go. Watch out for your health and be careful to not pull more than you can handle.

Expected Items: Essence of Fire, Core of Elements, Elemental Fire, Heart of Fire and Green items.

Be prepared

Make sure you empty out your bags, stock up on food and water and repair before you start on this farm if you plan on going for any extended period of time.

Know your enemy

You will be farming on Fire Elementals. They deal higher than average damage and have fire spells depending on which one you are facing. There is ranged variant, one with AoE slow and lastly one purely melee physicals.


Almost all elementals have immunity to nature damage and high resistance to their corresponding element. In this case they are immune to nature damage, highly resistant to fire damage and deal increased damage.

Green & Blue BoE items are disenchanting values