Essence of Water in Eastern Plaguelands

Guide Overview

Welcome to the RXP Gold Assistant’s Guide to farming Essence of Water in Eastern Plaguelands

This is an open world farm over an area of the lake and includes Water Elementals. There is a quest hub very close by at Light’s Hope Chapel for quick restocks and vendor as well as a mailbox. This is an end-game zone and enemy levels reflect that so be aware of your limits and your breath if you are fighting under water.

Expected Items: Essence of Water, Elemental Water, Globe of Water, Core of Elements and Green items.

The bigger lake in the south is your main spot, only go north if you encounter competition.

Be prepared

Make sure you empty out your bags, stock up on food and water and repair before you start on this farm if you plan on going for any extended period of time.


Almost all elementals have immunity to nature damage and high resistance to their corresponding element. In this case they are immune to nature damage, highly resistant to frost damage.

Green & Blue BoE items are disenchanting values