Herbalism in Blade’s Edge Mountains

Guide Overview

Welcome to the RXP Gold Assistant Herbalism Guide in Blade’s Edge Mountains.

A moderately popular area with uneven terrain and room to modify the route. But also keep in mind that Nightmare Vine can be found in Forge Camp Wrath and Forge Camp Terror.

The main items you are farming in this guide are: Felweed, Dreaming Glory, Nightmare Vine, Mote of Life and Mana Thistle

We rate this farm as 3/5 contested, which means competition will be moderate and gold per hour may fluctuate.

We hope you enjoy the route and good luck in farming!

Routes & Locations

Know your route

Other than Felweed in open areas and Dreaming Glory on the hills, there are no special plants here aside from occasional Mana Thistle in higher level areas, which is on the west and north. We did include them but you can easily skip those areas if you would rather avoid the long flight to them.

Annoying mobs

In the Demon-infested areas, watch out for their Fel Cannons. In the open fields, there might be spiders lurking which can be quite annoying.


Blade’s edge isn’t the most popular zone but if you encounter competition try expanding your route to both high level areas to increase your earnings.