Herbalism in Hellfire Peninsula

Guide Overview

Welcome to the RXP Gold Assistant’s Guide to Herbalism in Hellfire Peninsula.

The starting zone for the expansion is popular for having lots of quests and a few dungeons. We ended up considering it a highly contested area, so you may have a lot of competition while farming it, but the zone is really big, so even with some competition you should be able to get some job done.

The main items you will be farming here are Dreaming Glorys, Felweeds, and Mountain Silversages.

We’ve rated this farm as 4/5 contested which means the competition will be high and gold per hour can fluctuate.

We hope you enjoy the route and best of luck gathering herbs!


Routes & Locations

Know your route

Getting used to the route and zone will help you a lot with increasing the number of nodes you will get per hour. You also shouldn’t be afraid to stray from the path if you see the nodes but go right back when you are done gathering.

Gather or pass

There are a lot of old world herbs that might be worth just passing on to gather more Felweed and Dreaming Glory. Check the prices under Items & Values to evaluate if you want to skip something.


Avoiding other people gathering can be tough considering the shape of the route. Your options are to stay persistent until they give up or cut across the map to the other half if your competition is stubborn. When it starts to seem that you can’t find herbs for minutes at a time over and over, we recommend switching farms.