Herbalism in Scholazar Basin

Guide Overview

Welcome to the RXP Gold Assistant’s Guide to Herbing in Scholazar Basin.

This zone is very popular for both miners and herbalists so some competition is to be expected. Sholazar Basin is the main place to farm Adder’s Tongue, but you will also find a lot of Goldclover on the open fields and Tiger Lily around the rivers.

Expected items: Goldclover, Tiger Lily, Deadnettle, Adder’s Tongue, Eternal Life.

Rare loot: Frost Lotus.

Routes & Locations

Know your route

Get used to the route and zone, learning where the nodes are helps a lot. Empty out your bags and make sure you are flying at the fastest possible speed for maximum efficiency.

Modify & Adapt

This zone is full of nodes to both Mine and Herb, if you encounter competition and decide to stay, try and cut across the zone before continuing your grind.


Sholazar Basin is easily one of, if not the best zones to farm herbs and only one where you can get Adder’s Tongue. Depending on competition consider whether to fight for nodes or try and move to another zone.