Herbalism in Wintergrasp

Guide Overview

Welcome to the RXP Gold Assistant’s Guide to Herbing in Wintergrasp.

This zone is a bit more complex than with high peaks and valleys, rivers and towers. Its populated with Icethorn and Lichbloom, even more so then other high level zones with a big downside that you will have limited time here. Depending on what faction holds the Fortress it might be more dangerous or even impossible to farm and compete with enemy faction. Empty out your bags, get your pickaxe ready and we hope you enjoy our route.

Expected items: Lichbloom, Icethorn, Frost Lotus.

Routes & Locations

Know your route

Get used to the route and zone, learning where the nodes are helps a lot. Empty out your bags and make sure you are flying at the fastest possible speed for maximum efficiency.

Watch your back

This zone hosts massive PvP battles and limits mobility for the duration. Even when you get to fly, keep an eye out if enemy players are tailing you.


This route is quite simple but if you encounter heavy competition consider herbing in The Storm Peaks or Wintergrasp as they will yield similar results.