Herbalism in Winterspring

Guide Overview

Welcome to the RXP Gold Assistant’s Guide to Herbalism in Winterspring.

This is herbing guide in the zone of Winterspring, you will be running around gathering herbs in areas with enemies with levels within ranges of 55 – 60 so keep your wits about you and watch out if you aggro enemies while attempting to gather here. The route is not overly complex but we recommend having max skill level of 300 to be able to pick up Black Lotus in case you come across one. Enjoy the route and good luck farming.

Expected Items: Mountain Silversage, Icecap and very rarely Black Lotus.

Be prepared

Make sure you empty out your bags, stock up on food and water and repair before you start on this farm if you plan on going for any extended period of time.

Targeted farm

You are looking for the following herbs and they require skill level in ascending order:
 Mountain Silversage(280) is found around high hills and mountain edges of the zone, Icecap(290) is all over the place and Black Lotus(300) is a very rare timed spawn in specific places of the zone.

Green & Blue BoE items are disenchanting values