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How to play my Hunter


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To get the best result from our World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic Speedleveling Guide, it takes more than just taking the fastest route. We’ll show you how to play your class most effectively with our guide.


One of the best changes for hunter in TBC is the reduced range for your ranged attacks.  Where previously in Classic the minimum range was 8 yards, now in TBC it is only 5 yards (melee range). This change allows the hunter to use the advanced tactic of melee weaving.

Understanding your auto-shot attack timer

Your auto shot has a 0.5s cast timer and a cooldown proportional to your ranged attack speed, while your auto-shot is off cooldown, you have to stand still for half a second. While your auto shot is on cooldown you are free to move around.

We highly recommend getting a swing timer addon to have a better grasp at the auto-shot mechanics.

Melee Weaving

Melee weaving is the art of moving in to melee the mob between your auto shot cooldown.  Using this tactic can greatly increase your kill speed and leveling efficiency.

Auto Shot -> Move in -> Melee -> Move out -> Auto Shot

Getting a swing timer addon for your ranged and melee weapons will greatly aid you in executing this tactic.  Timing this correctly is essential – make sure to only weave between your auto shot cooldown.


1-10 (No pet)

  • Leveling is all about mana efficiency, you want to spend less time drinking
  • Serpent sting (level 4), hunter’s mark (level 6) and arcane shot (level 6) will give you the best bang for your buck
  • Raptor strike is only useful early game, it deals decent damage but it’s very inefficient, only use that if you have mana to spare or if you need to burst down your target
Try to kill two targets at once by using melee weaving
  • Pull a mob from max range and run away from your target in between ranged attacks.
  • When the first mob is around 50% pull a second mob from max range while you kill the first mob with melee attacks
  • Switch between attacking the nearby mob with your melee attacks and shooting the mob you just pulled while moving away in between ranged shots
  • Be careful to not bite more than you can chew, some specific mobs are very difficult to tackle on their own, specially those with high movement speed.

11-61 (Before Steady Shot)

Hunters Mark -> Pet Attack -> Serpent Sting -> Arcane Shot
  • Damage over time spells like Immolation Trap and Serpent Sting are the best spells you have in terms of mana efficiency but it’s only worth using if you can get at least two thirds of the full duration before your target dies.
  • Melee weaving becomes a lot easier when you have a pet, since you can just dip in and out of melee range in between auto-shots.
  • Try to melee weave as much as you can, melee attacks cost 0 mana

62-70 (Steady Shot)

Hunters Mark -> Pet Attack -> Steady Shot (between auto shots)
  • Steady shot has the best mana efficiency of all your spells
  • Arcane Shot and Serpent Sting can be used as well on difficult mobs or to increase speed at the cost of mana efficiency
  • At level 64, Aspect of the Viper will significantly reduce your downtime.
  • At Level 66 use Kill Command on cooldown for greater power


Hit (up to 5%) > Agility > Attack Power > Crit > Stamina
  • Use two handed weapons exclusively for best damage during melee weaving


Ravager / Cat / Raptor / Owl
  • Choose an offensive pet from the ravager, cat, raptor or owl families. These will provide the most damage for solo play.

You need to keep your pet abilities up to date, the pet system in classic WoW/TBC is quite convoluted, we recommend you reading this pet training guide.



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