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Frequently asked questions

What am I getting with my purchase?

You’re getting a completely modern speedrunning route that will work with our addon (which will be open source come TBC launch).

Is there a subscription required?

Nope! We felt it was unnecessary & people forget to cancel sometimes. We wouldn’t want that for our supporters.

Do you guys have plans to update the addon and will I have to pay to get the updates?

Updates are planned to be very frequent & 100% free of charge!

If I choose to do dungeons, does the guide pickup where I left off?

Yes – and no. You have the ability to chose any level range you want. You’d miss out on previous zone quests, but we’ve added in additional & optional quests to help make up for that.

Where can I buy the route?

You can buy the routes here.

Support & Tickets

How to Install Your RestedXP Leveling Guide Into the Addon

Keep the addon up to date

The best way to keep the addon up to date is by using WowUp Download and install WoWUp: https://wowup.io/

Once WoWUp is installed, click on Get Addons then Install From URL and copy-paste the following URL: https://github.com/RestedXP/RXPGuides/

The RestedXP tzhe fastest way to max-level