Maraudon Solo Farm

Guide Overview
Welcome to the RXP Gold Assistant’s Guide to Herbalism in Netherstorm. This zone is made of many islands so flying speed really makes a difference here. There are many plants here but mostly you will be getting Netherbloom but mana thistle can be found only one small island and isn’t much of a factor here. Many mobs in this zone drop motes of mana so it’s not a total waste of time killing them if you accidentally pull them.
Routes & Locations

Know your route

Try our route and don’t be afraid to stray from it if you see nodes but go right back as it covers most of the nodes in the zone.

Gather or skip

Under many of the green domes you can find old world herbs that might be worth skipping or gathering depending on server’s prices.

Value in killing

Many mobs in this zone drop motes of mana and other valuable items, so it might be worth getting familiar with drop tables. Swoop down with your mount, pull a few when you have your cooldowns and continue herbing.