Primal Water in Shadowmoon Valley

Guide Overview

Welcome to the RXP Gold Assistant’s Guide to farming Primal Water in Shadowmoon Valley. 

This farm is a semi-heyperspawn meaning there will always be at least one elemental at random, that also means a lot of flying around. Check out our route and just kill as many as you can before mounting up to get to another pool.

The main items you are farming in this guide are: Motes of Water

We’ve rated this farm as 3/5 which means that there will be moderate competition and gold per hour can fluctuate as such.

We hope you enjoy the farm and best of luck!

Routes & Locations

Be prepared

Empty out your bags and stock up on food and water before starting on this farm as going for any extended periods of time can fill up your bags.

Know your target

We are going for enraged water spirits around the shallow pools in the area. They do few frost damage spells and can force you to eat a lot if you aren’t well geared.

Avoid competition

This farming spot can support only one person, as going too fast can lead to two people fighting over one mob over and over. If your competition is persistent, check out one of our other spots for farming Primal Water.

Green & Blue BoE items are disenchanting values