SoD Phase 4 Preparation Guide


The SoD phase 4 preparation guide is now available, and ready for purchase and download!
It is a standalone product not affected or included in any other purchases. We’re offering a quest stacking guide that will guide you from level 50 up to level 54
The Turn In section of the guide will become available for download as an update under the same product on June 6th.

Please note that in order for that guide to work properly the addon needs to be updated to the latest version.

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Get ahead of the competition with our Phase 4 Preparation Guide

Our comprehensive guides will help you prepare an optimized route of quests inside and outside your quest log. These routes adapt based on your completed and pending quests, ensuring you’re ready before Phase 4’s release.

Once Phase 4 launches, the Turn In Guide, tailored from your Preparation Guide, will provide a specific, easy-to-follow turn-in route.

The Preparation Guide is available for download now, with the Turn In Guide becoming available under the same product on July 8th.

Order now to get ahead of the competition.

Instant Quest Prep Guide

This guide will help you prepare quests outside of your quest log before the expansion release, allowing you to accept and turn them in for experience on launch day.

Quest Log Prep Guide

Before the expansion release, this guide will help you prepare quests within your quest log to turn in for experience on launch day.

Collectible Items Prep Guide

This guide will direct you to collect all relevant items on your character that initiate quests, which you will then accept and turn in on launch day to gain experience.

Turn In Guide

On launch day, this guide will analyze quests collected from the Quest Log Prep Guide, Instant Quest Prep guide, and Collectible Items Prep Guide. It will create a personalized route for you to efficiently turn in all prepared quests.

Total XP prepared

This window will show you how much experience you have accumulated so far for the Turn in Guide through the aforementioned guides above.

This quest stacking guide will net you up to 554.000 experience, enough to get you from level 50 up to level 54.