Thick Clefthoof Leather Farming in Nagrand

Guide Overview

Welcome to the RXP Gold Assistant’s Guide to farming Thick Clefthoof Leather in Nagrand.

This zone is popular for leveling and the farm is very versatile. Since there are so many Clefthoof around the zone that are required for quests, if there is competition you can just move to another spot or you might even be able to follow after another player and get some free skinning in.

The main items you are farming in this guide are: Thick Clefthoof Leather, Knothide Leather Scraps, Clefthoof Meat, and Knothide Leather.

We’ve rated this farm as 4/5 which means that there will be high competition and gold per hour can fluctuate substantially.

We hope you enjoy the route and best of luck farming!

Routes & Locations

Be prepared

Make sure you empty out your bags and stock up on food and water before you start on this farm if you plan on going for any extended period of time.

Take your pick

There are many Clefthoof in Nagrand but it is best to go for Clefthoof Bulls since they have the best chance of yielding Thick Clefthoof Leather when skinned.


Clefthoof are part of a quest in Nagrand and if you see lower level players trying to compete, it is better to hurry them along and take the skins or just move to another spot if you see they are skinning too.

Green & Blue BoE items are disenchanting values