Level Ultra-Fast in Northrend

Introducing the RestedXP Leveling Guide for Wrath of the Lich King: Classic, the fastest way to level 80. Lovingly made by the top WoW Classic Speedrunners, our Wrath Leveling Guide will efficiently guide you through the icy zones of Northrend with finesse.

Instant 71 on Launch

Pre-Order the “1-80 Both Faction Guide” and receive Tactics’ 70-71 World First Preparation Guide. This guide will help you prepare your toons with items and pre-completed quests so that you can ding 71 instantly when WOTLK launches.

Compatible with “Joyous Journeys” +50% XP Buff

You can rest at ease knowing your RXP Leveling Guide will automatically adjust to the +50% Bonus XP Blizzard is implenting as part of the special WOTLK Pre-Patch Event “Joyous Journeys”.

RestedXP Wrath of the Lich King Speed Leveling Guides

All Class & Race Combinations

Your RXP Leveling Guide includes support for 100% support for All Class & Race Combinations including Death Knights.

The RXP Gold Assistant

Experience smooth & efficient gold farming through your built in RXP Gold Assistant. This new togglable feature will guide you to the best gathering routes and farming locations.