RestedXP presents the Gold Assistant

Hello everyone,

for the past many months we have been working on our newest product The RestedXP Gold Assistant and today we are excited to release it.

The Gold Assistant is a tool that will simplify and improve the Gold making process. We hope to offer you diverse ways to earn money such as open world farms, Dungeon farms, Profession farms, and video guides to help you learn how to use the Auction House to your advantage. On top of that we also have videos explaining how to use the guide as well as Investment guides for WOTLK Classic.

We believe in the long term value of this product and plan to add many more farms, features such as a tool that calculates the cheapest ways to level professions up, and a separate Gold Assistant Addon that will provide you with min-maxed gathering routes and more. To everyone considering subscribing at this stage we sincerely appreciate the support – you guys are the early adopters that believe in the potential of The Gold Assistant and we can’t thank you enough.

If you want to know more about how it works, click on the video below!

Live Auction House Analytics

Your Gold Assistant scans your server’s Auction House and suggests the best, most realistic gold farms based on your character’s power level and current market trends.

A Tool Customized For Your Characters

Your Gold Assistant factors in your characters’ class, spec, gear level, movement speed and more to provide you with the most realistic gold per hour.

Print Easy Gold from the Comfort of a City

Your Gold Assistant will calculate the overhead costs of hundreds of different profession items and show you which ones are profitable and by how much. Simply buy, craft, and profit!

Detailed overview

The tool will also provide a full breakdown on where the money comes from. Both in open world farms, dungeon farms, gathering farms.

Increase GPH through Optimized Gathering Pathing!

Ideal gathering routes should zig zag frequently for maximum node exposure. Your Gold Assistant will provide you with a simple arrow through an in-game addon that will guide you to the maximum number of gathering nodes possible.

Diverse Farm Methods

The guide provides you with more than 80+ farms with anything from dungeon farms, gathering farms and open world killing farms!

Benefit from our early bird offer and get $10.00 off on the annual membership until the end of May.

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Gold Assistant

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