February 2024 RestedXP Addon and Guides Changelog

RXP Base Addon Changelog

Fixed a bug causing all guides to not load for some users.
Fixed a bug causing a few zone specific guides to not load the next zone guide upon reaching the end of a guide.

RXP Era Speedrun Guide Changelog

With the launch of Phase 2 Season of Discovery, all guides have been automatically adjusted to account for the new 50% XP buff for characters below level 25. This will happen seamlessly, and require no additional changes in the RestedXP addon configuration settings. As a result, several improvements and route adjustments have been implemented to all zones below level 25, for both Horde and Alliance.

For the upcoming 100% XP buff changes for all characters below level 40, we are working diligently on further improvements and route adjustments as we speak. These will be ready in time for when the XP buff goes live next week.

We have also continued to expand upon our rune guides. All new rune guides have been added (including new skill books) to the base addon and are completely free. Additionally we have implemented some select runes released in Phase 2 into the Speedrun Guide.

RXP Era Speedrun Guide Changelog


  • Fixed a bug causing one the turn ins for Raene’s Cleansing to be unintentionally skipped
  • Removed the breadcrumb quest Tinkmaster Overspark in SoD
  • Fixed the quest Further Instructions from incorrectly being offered for Druids
  • Added missing coordinates for Wolves at Our Heels in Duskwood
  • Fixed the quests at the Mirage Raceway being incorrectly auto skipped after accepting them
  • Improved Mage route to get to Desolace
  • Improved Hunter routing at the end of the 35-36 Desolace section


  • Removed the quest Krom’Grul in Burning Steppes
  • Added steps to pick up the Camp Mojache flight path earlier for a more efficient route in Thousand Needles
  • Fixed two Hearthstone steps incorrectly autocompleting in Dustwallow Marsh and Felwood
  • General improvements have been made to steps involving the usage of the bank
  • Added optional steps for Rogues to obtain the Rune of Deadly Brew after Hillsbrad Foothills as it cannot be completed before if user still has the Touch of Zanzil debuff
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