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Hello everyone,
We have have another exciting announcement to share!

Cataclysm Preparation Guide:

Introducing the Cataclysm Preparation Guide!

RestedXP’s Cataclysm Preparation Guide will assist you in preparing the best quests currently available to your character prior to Cataclysm Classic’s release. Upon release, you will then be assisted in quickly turning in all of your prepared quests for millions of experience, giving you a huge experience head start over other players.

The Cataclysm Preparation Guides are now available, and are ready for purchase and download!
It is a standalone product not affected or included in any other purchases.
The Turn In section of the guide shall become available for download as an update under the same product no later than May 19th.

Cataclysm Speedrun Guides:

The 80-85 portion of the guide is also now testable on the WotLK (Cataclysm) PTR and Cataclysm Beta!
For those planning on using the 1-80 guide: remember that you will have to import the string on live Classic when it gets updated to the Cataclysm client and the servers go live! (Today for NA, and tomorrow for EU).
We’re also happy to announce that the 1-25 sections of the guide will be included within the standard addon download. Try out all of the new features whilst assisting Genn Graymane in Gilneas, or while trying to become the ruler of Kezan!

Good luck on your beginning of a new adventure into a now broken Azeroth!

Best regards,
The RestedXP Team

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