November 2023 RestedXP Addon and Guides Changelog

  • Removed “Cleanup Orphaned Quests”. Will be readded again in the future upon further testing of functionality
  • Added a “Low Quality Settings” toggle to remedy FPS drops some users have been experiencing
  • Overhauled and improved the talent guide UI
  • Updated the talent guide to show a preview of unspent points
  • Added the following talent guides for WoTLK: Rogue, Warrior, Mage (AoE & ST), DK, Hunter, Priest, Shaman, Warlock, Paladin and Druid
  • Fixed target window permanence
  • Fixed world map pinning for new Era client
  • Fixed the RXP Guides Window to correctly show after a reload
  • Fixed quest log reward hooks for when choosing a reward
  • Added total time differentials for leveling splits
  • Creating a character with a previously used name will now reset the leveling tracker/splits time
  • Improvements to profiling logic
  • Improvements to item upgrade logic
  • Fixed errors on missing stat weights for some classes
  • Updated to the correct channel name for bug reporting in Discord

RXP Era Speedrun Guide Changelog

The RestedXP Speedrun Guide for Era has received significant updates and overhauls for both Horde and Alliance. This includes a plethora of fixes and changes ranging from levels 1 to 60. (Thank you for your bug reports!)

  • Dungeons have now also been added into the Speedrun Guide. Note that some dungeon quests can be very far and out of the way, making them inefficient to complete. Therefore not all dungeon quests will be accepted and turned in while using the Speedrun Guide. The Speedrun Guide will always maintain its core principle of being the fastest leveling guide possible
  • Routing adjustments have been made for Alliance in the 15-19 level range. This only applies for Human/Gnome/Dwarf. In this level range you will spend a little longer in Darkshore before heading to Redridge Mountains

RXP Era Survival Guide Changelog

    • Added a warning for Stonard Scout in Swamp of Sorrows
    • Added a missing Priest tag for collecting a Ichor of Undeath
    • Added a missing Druid tag for turn-in of Power over Poison
    • Added missing arrow for Warlock quest The Wrong Stuff
    • Added AH step for buying materials for That’s Asking A Lot
    • Added AH step for buying materials for the 5 Argent Dawn Naxxramas quests
    • Added AH step for buying a Felcloth for Warlock quest An Imp’s Request
    • Corrected some banking steps for when depositing/withdrawing
    • Adjusted some specific SSF steps
    • Improved Dal Bloodclaw’s arrow location
    • Improved routing when accepting The New Frontier in Darnassus
    • Added a logout skip from Ortell’s Hideout in Silithus
    • Fixed arrow to get to The Zoram Strand for accepting The Ancient Statuette
  • Fixed quest ID accept/turn-in for The Captain’s Cutlass
  • Fixed turn-in location for Rethban Ore
  • Fixed turn-in location for Priest Sunken Temple quest Blood of Morphaz
  • Added a warning for Astranaar Guards if logout skipping from Talondeep Path
  • Improved buying Food/Water steps in Durotar/Tirisfal
  • Added multiple level checks for accepting level 10 class quests
  • Added a step to abandon Speak with Un’thuwa which would prevent Mages from accepting The Balnir Farmstead
  • Added In Nightmares and improved routing for Wailing Caverns turn-ins
  • Added Uldaman quest chain Portents of Uldum
  • Added quests for Ursius/Brumeran of the Chillwind/Shy-Rotam in Winterspring
  • Added a logout skip from Maraudon
  • Added a logout skip from Ortell’s Hideout in Silithus
  • Fixed quest accept NPC for The Rumormonger
  • Fixed quest accept NPC for Job Opening: Guard Captain of Revantusk Village
  • Fixed step completion for Corrupted Sabers
  • Fixed incorrect Eastern Plaguelands coordinates
  • Fixed arrow bugging on some steps where a loop function was used
  • Improved routing for quest Jammal’an the Prophet turn-in
  • Removed group tag for A Matter of Time
  • Added numerous AH steps

RXP Alliance Advanced Mage AoE Guide

  • Added a video demonstrating the skip beneath Stormwind City to the Mage Quarter
  • Slight routing changes and adjustments in Darkshore between the 10-12 and 12-14 sections

RXP WoTLK Changelog

  • Windbellow and Brack in Hellfire Peninsula will now correctly send you to the Abyssal Shelf
  • Added a missing Horde tag for quest King of the Mountain
  • Added a warning for Warlock/DK/Hunter that you must kill the Scourging Crystal to receive credit, and not your pet
  • Improved Loremaster guide in Howling Fjord
  • Fixed the arrow location on step Travel to River’s Heart in Sholazar Basin
  • Improved and corrected numerous gossip options with NPCs, adding timers for roleplay events in Outland and Northrend

RXP Dragonflight Changelog

  • Added steps for the new Dragonriding Intro quest
  • Removed some quests in Zuldazar that are no longer available
  • Added the Emerald Dream Dragon Glyph guide
  • Added Loremaster Guides for the following zones 
    • Horde: Southern Barrens, Stonetalon Mountains, Un’Goro Crater, Mount Hyjal, Uldum, Deepholm and Twilight Highlands
    • Alliance: Mount Hyjal, Deepholm and Twilight Highlands
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