OUT NOW: Dragonflight 60-70 Guides

Greetings Dragonriders!

The 1-70 Dragonflight Guide is now released and is available for download in your account section  (This includes 60-70)

This is a guide and addon update, if you installed the 1-60 guide previously, please re-download and re-import the guides. This update includes multiple fixes for 1-60 Dragonflight. Thank you for all of your reports.

Addon version: 4.4.4
Guide Version: 1

We will be releasing an alternative version of the 60-70 Threads of Fate guides that supports multiboxing shortly before launch, it needs some more polish and wasn’t worth delaying everyone’s beta tests for.

If this is a guide that interests you, keep an eye out on this channel. We will make another post when it is available. It is included for free with your purchase.


We also have a handful of WotLK fixes in this update, so WotLK users please re-download and reimport your guides as well. The version number will still be version 12.

We will be posting the changelog in patch-notes sometime later this week, we are very busy making sure everything is ready for launch and don’t have time to shift through all the changes currently. Thank you for your understanding and support.

See you all in the Dragon Isles!

-The RestedXP Team

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