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Elegantly Weaves in Easy Group Quests & Free Breadcrumbs

While primarily a Dungeon Cleave Route, this guide will integrate high impact group friendly quests and free breadcrumb quests that you can do en route to your next Dungeon. These quests are too good to pass up!

Ring of Blood + Huge Netherstorm XP

This guide routes in Ring of Blood and huge XP Arcs in southern Netherstorm during some of the longest and most tiresome level stretches.

Karazhan Attunement + Arcatraz Key Quest

This guide weaves Old Hillsbrad Foothills in early while it is still level appropriate, starts your Kara attunement at 68 and finishes the long Arcatraz Key Attunement while they are all still giving you XP.

Ding 70 with Confidence

This guide will get you at least Honored with Cenarion, Lower City, Consortium, and Keepers of Time. It will also get you the critical flight paths along the way and have you fully Kara attuned and Arc attuned almost immediately after dinging 70.

Designed for a perfect balance of Sweat and Fun.

The guide pays close attention to the ups and downs of group morale you can expect while running a dungeon cleave. This guide will do it’s very best to keep you efficient while still having fun and changing environments frequently. You do almost all the dungeons in the game and experience some of the most fun quests in TBC.

Navigation, Hearthstone, Training & Inventory Management

This guide will offer your group a simple arrow to follow for all steps to keep everyone on the same page at all times. It will also factor in all the Hearthstones of your group, remind you to repair and restock on consumables at critical steps, and keep everyone motivated and having fun.

Powerful In-Game Addon

Our RestedXP In-Game addon will auto accept/complete quests, auto train critical skills, auto fly you to locations, and show you future steps on both your minimap and main map. The Addon is fully responsive and can be scaled to your personal taste. Need Help? We have a rapidly growing Discord community who loves leveling. Our Staff is standing by 24/7 to help answer any of your questions.



The RestedXP Guides will be available with the TBC Pre-Patch