Patch Notes & Recent Updates for May 2023

Greetings everyone!

We have some news regarding updates to our Classic & Retail Guides, additional Addon features, as well as website changes.

Please remember to update your addon and re-import any guides after the changes go live.

Addon Version: v4.5.10

Dragonflight Guides

Our planned guides concerning the acquisition of Allied Races are nearing completion. However, Blizzard has recently introduced changes that simplify the process significantly.

In the update for 10.1.5, Blizzard has removed all restrictions for unlocking Allied Races, with the sole exception of a level requirement. All Allied Races can now be unlocked once you have a character that has reached level 40 on your account (previously, this was level 50). Newly created Allied Race characters will now be directed to Chromie, instead of the warboard. This renders some of our planned guides obsolete for players unless your aim is to collect achievements and collectables.

We will be repurposing part of our Allied Race unlock guide into a free achievement guide which will include a mount and a title.

Additionally, characters will now learn the appropriate mount riding skill upon reaching the requisite level, without needing to visit a mount trainer. The levels and corresponding riding skills are as follows:

  • Level 10 – Apprentice Riding
  • Level 20 – Journeyman Riding
  • Level 30 – Expert Riding
  • Level 40 – Master Riding

In light of the new changes, we will be simplifying the training of riding in all of our guides. 

We are also hard at work on improving our starting zone guides, particularly for levels 1-60 and 60-70.

In addition, we plan to enhance the colour coding and overall structure of our guides for improved readability and navigation. We’re working to add new features and further optimise the speed and intuitiveness of our leveling routes.

Finally, we recently published an update to our free dragon riding glyphs guide for Zaralek Cavern that is ready to be used!

Classic Hardcore

Our work on routing our Hardcore guides is nearing its completion but as we strive for perfection, a little more work needs to be done on polishing the pathing and support the new addon features.

Get a fully planned Hardcore levelling Guide for both Horde and Alliance equipped with all the standard features you can expect from RestedXP. Sail through challenging content and decide whether to play it safe and dodge risky areas and adversaries or take chances and push your class to the limit to reduce your levelling time. You can even tweak your experience with options for solo players and duo/trio groups.

You can also look forward to more features that might even come in handy during critical moments. We mapped out all dangerous elite and non-elite enemies and bosses in the open world and will alert you if you need to be extra cautious. Additionally, you’ll receive visual and sound warnings if you start running out of breath while swimming, and if your health gets low, the addon will suggest using some items/abilities that could potentially save your life.

Upcoming Addon features

  • Expanded and improved Dangerous enemy list (warning you of potential threats that can end your hardcore run)
  • Notable items that can be purchased from vendors marked on your world map
  • Along with previous feature, we are adding world map menu to toggle display of relevant features
  • Talent Guide for our favorite lveling class/spec combination that will suggest where to put your points on level by level basis.

Gold Assistant updates

  • More gold farms with detailed loot drops and videos along with the usual estimated gold/hour value
  • Work on getting more accurate prices and sale rate

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