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Protect Your RestedXP License From Being Pirated

It’s an amazing time for RestedXP, with Wrath of the Lich King Classic and Dragonflight on the horizon. We’re releasing updated guides with new features and secret tips & tricks to get you all to max level faster, growing our team to get our guides to you faster and in higher quality, as well as providing the best customer support we can.

However, a key feature that we have not addressed recently is ensuring we deter and proactively combat pirates, to ensure our customers’ trust is protected and valued. Today, we’re releasing an update on our latest efforts on that front.

It is incredibly important our users trust us with their time, their money, and trust us to guard them against abuse. Pirates being able to acquire the same guides for free, when others use their hard earned money, is a direct attack against those values.

Bloodsail Buccaneers want to steal your guides

Why Your Battle.net-ID is required

We have invested a significant amount of time creating resources and tools to prevent the piracy of your guides. Here is what we’ve been working on:

Optimizing the Installation & Update Process

The way you download and implement your guides has been optimized. You no longer have to download your guide files and place them manually into the RXPGuides folder. Now you simply download a text file containing string code which you can copy and paste into RestedXP in-game. Learn how it works.

Implementing License Protection

Your RestedXP guides are now bound to your account and Battle.net-ID. You are the only person that can access and use your guides. Add your Battle.net-ID to your account in your account section or click here.

Add your Battle.net-ID
Import Your Guide

Go over to your Downloads in your account section and download the string file by clicking the “Export” button. Open the text file and copy the entire code string and import it in-game.


Protect Your License, Prevent Piracy

Add your Battle.net-Tag

Please make sure that your entry does not contain any errors. A correct entry is necessary to ensure an error-free import of your guides. We recommend using the “Click to copy BattleTag” feature of your Battle.net app.

You must be logged in to edit your profile.

Your Battle.net-ID is set

In order to change your Battle.net-ID, please open a change request by clicking the button below.

Battle.net-ID Change Request

Our customer support will ask you for screenshots of your transaction confirmation and payment history for verification regarding your Battle.net-ID change.

RestedXP Account Name *
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