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The RXP 2v2 Invitational Highlights

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The RXP 2v2 Invitational, TBC Arena Tournament happened yesterday! 8 Teams duked it out for $350 in this 2v2 Double Elimination 1 Day event. Come watch awesome gameplay from stars such as MIR, UZBEKI, RIVAH, BOBKA, JIXO and more!

RXP 2v2 Grand Finals Mir & Uzbeki (DPR) vs. Rivah & Avishan (RM)

RXP 2v2 Losers Finals Jixo & Deadly (RM) vs. Icyfresh & Shadows (RM)

RXP 2v2 Semi-Finals Rivah & Avishan (RM) vs. Icyfresh & Shadows (RM)

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