May 2024 RestedXP Addon and Guides Changelog

RXP Base Addon Changelog

A new function has been added which allows users to destroy the cheapest gray item in their inventory. This is particularly useful when leveling fresh characters on Classic Era realms. This option can be turned on in the addon options. Additionally, addon settings are now saved and reused on new characters if the default profile has been selected, including frame positions.

RXP Season of Discovery Speedrun Guide Changelog

The Season of Discovery guides have continued to receive further overhauls as Blizzard has continued to increase the XP rate during leveling, which has required the removal of a lot of quests / zones in the leveling guide. New runes which have also been added in Phase 3 have all been added to the Rune Guide.

RXP Cataclysm Speedrun Guide Changelog

Tol Barad daily quests have been added to the base addon. To access them right-click on the RestedXP window and select “Activate the Gold Assistant mode” then select the Tol Barad guide.

Level 1-80:

Leveling from 1 to 80 has now been updated to factor in heirlooms for both Horde and Alliance. If you overlevel a zone your guide will now skip ahead and direct you to the next zone. Please keep in mind that Cataclysm leveling is very linear, and that at any point if you’ve drastically overleveled the current guide you are on, you can simply select a new guide and head to that zone.

Level 80-85:

  • Added steps to take the portal from Stormwind / Orgrimmar straight to Vashj’ir to account for the new portal Blizzard has added to the game.
  • Fixed a missing arrow for Kliklak in Vashj’ir
  • Improved arrow directions while inside Nespirah in Vashj’ir (Alliance only)
  • Added steps for the quests Silvermarsh Rendezvous and Quicksilver Submersion to be turned in at the Temple of Earth in Deepholm in case the automatic quest log turn in doesn’t trigger
  • Improved instructions for looting the Spool of Rope on the zeppelin in Deepholm
  • Improved targeting and gossip steps with Commander Schnottz and Harrison Jones in Uldum
  • Removed the step instructing players to use Heavy Frostweave Bandages to heal Mullan Gryphons in Twilight Highlands as it doesn’t trigger quest completion (Alliance only)
  • Improved Dragonmaw Takedown quest turn in route (Alliance only)
  • Improved mob targeting for Highland Worgs, Highland Elks, Highland Doe and Tawny Owls in Twilight Highlands (Alliance only)
  • Fixed the step to kill Twilight Miners and Twilight Overseers for the quest While We’re Here incorrectly being removed from the active step list while still requiring completion

RXP Pandaria Remix Changelog

  • Added Lorewalker Cho, Timeless Isle and Landfall introduction quests
  • Improved routing in Jade Forest, Valley of the Four Winds, Krasarang Wilds, Kun-Lai Summit and Townlong Steppes
  • Fixed various bugs in Jade Forest, Valley of the Four Winds, Krasarang Wilds, Kun-Lai Summit and Townlong Steppes
  • Fixed Dragon Riding introduction quests
  • Improved route for alt characters that start with 100% increased xp gain (Horde only)
  • Fixed stuck turn in steps in Krasarang Wilds (Horde only)
  • Added steps for purchasing jewelry
  • Added additional Hearthstone steps
  • Added more treasures to the guide
  • Added steps for upgrading and buying tinker items
  • Added additional Nostwin teleports
  • Implemented new logout commands
  • Improved compatibility for group questing

RXP Dragonflight Changelog

  • Fixed the Battle for Azeroth intro steps to account for the 10.2.7 changes that added Battle for Azeroth Chromie Time (Horde only)
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