Patch Notes – Recent Updates August

New Settings

  • Added EXP Scale (1.0 – 1.5x) for exp events & heirloom usage, will skip inefficient quests when enabled.
  • Added a Leveling Report Tracker – gives info such as how much of your exp came from mobs vs quests, what zones you were in, deaths, etc.
  • Level Up Announcer – Announce when you level up in chat
    Quest Announcements – Announce in chat when you complete a quest step or finish gathering items for a quest
  • Flight Time Announcement – Announce in chat how much longer is on your flight, and where you’re flying to.
  • Addon Version Check – Compares addon version with party members to make sure you’re up to date
  • Ignore Questie – Disable questie announcements if you’re using RXP announcements.

New Features

  • Quest Item Window: Each quest requiring the use of an item now has an actionbar appear on the screen with that item on it. It is clickable and also draggable onto your actionbars. This actionbar is bindable under the Key Bindings -> Other.Future items: Added a tooltip for items when hovered over to show if it is used for quests for future levels
  • Timer Bar: Added accurate Timer bars to all RP events/flights in the game
    .skipgossip command: Added gossip skipping to all applicable NPCs. This also includes options other than the first dialogue option, and works when there is a quest accept/turnin on the NPC in question
  • Hearthstone gossip automated: Hearthstones are now automatically set on relevant steps
    Numerous new logout skips and RP skips: Added efficient logout skips to every relevant place in Northrend, and added RP skips that’ll tell you when you don’t need to wait around for an RP event
  • Unitscan: Added Unitscan to all applicable NPCs. In future updates, we hope to have guide/zone-wide unitscans, primarily for Northrend rare bonus xp.
  • Added an automatic turnin mechanic to Western and Eastern Plaguelands, so you will automatically go back to town when you have enough EXP to go to Outlands

Guide Patch Notes

  • Added a specialized route for the 50% exp Joyous Journey buff, skipping inefficient quests and zones.
  • Adjusted waypoints to be more precise
  • Improved waypoint directions in confusing areas (ie underground and around mountains)
  • Fixed issues with multiple quests autoskipping
  • Fixed issues with multi flight steps autoskipping
  • Added reminders to increase efficiency while traveling
  • Removed Elite Warning tooltips from quests that are no longer elite
  • Grouped quest hub accept quest steps to one step to reduce spam clicking on NPCs
  • Added more checks to skip steps if you were not on or did not complete a certain quest prior
  • Overhauled Horde Warrior and Shaman questing routes to be more efficient
  • Adjusted 27-30 Lower Barrens routing
  • Added more hearthstone steps due to reduced CD in WOTLK
  • Added new WOTLK Class trainer support
  • Added new WOTLK weapon progression support
  • Added Quest Item windows for most items
  • Added steps to remove most no longer need quest items
  • Added level 20 mount purchase steps for WOTLK
  • Added level 40 epic mount purchase steps for WOTLK
  • Added checks to abandon quests that will no longer be turned in
  • Further automated spell training from level 58 onward
  • Outland Zones (60-70) have been fully revamped and polished to better suit the new standards of the Northrend (70-80) zones

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