Dragonflight Leveling Guides Available For Pre-Orders

Hello Dragonriders!

We are pleased to announce RestedXP Leveling Guides for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Your favorite speedrunning addon is now available on retail for pre-order.

Lovingly crafted by the best WoW Speedrunners, prepare to soar through this newest installment of your favorite game.

These guides are New Player Friendly, and compatible with all experience modifiers in Dragonflight, such as Warmode, Darkmoon Faire, Draught of the Ten Lands Potion, Heirlooms, and more!

Additionally, we include a free Preparation Guide for anyone who pre-orders the “1-70 Both Faction Guide” until Dragonflight launches. This Preparation Guide will give you exclusive tips for extra efficiency and speed coming into Dragonflight, including any items, toys, and pre-completed quests that can help speed you along your journey at launch.

There are guides for levels 1-60, 60-70, and 1-70 to cover any leveling needs, whether you’re a new player, returning, or a seasoned veteran.

We hope to see you all on the Dragon Isles!

Download RestedXP Addon

Free routes included
Add in speedleveling routes
Perfectly tailored for any class