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Warlock 1-70 Leveling Guide

To get the best result from our World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic Speedleveling Guide, it takes more than just taking the fastest route. We’ll show you how to play your class most effectively with our guide.

Playstyle Overview

Warlock is a complex class with a huge amount of optimization potential. The general strategy is to level as Affliction with Succubus to level 50 then respec to Demonology with Felguard.

Use Rank 1 Drain Soul to save Mana and use Rank 1 Fear to Juggle Mobs More Effectively.

Rotation Breakdown

Levels 1-4

Shadowbolt (Projectile) -> Immolate -> Shadowbolt

Once you obtain your Imp it feels most efficient to Firebolt twice per mob. It’s okay to leave his Firebolt on auto-cast if you don’t feel like micro managing him.

Levels 4-8

Shadowbolt (Projectile) -> Corruption -> Immolate

Try to move towards the next objective once you get your DoTs on and let your auto attacks / Imp finish mobs.

Levels 8-10

Corruption -> Curse of Agony -> Immolate

Try to kill 2 mobs at a time keeping one feared and dotted.

Levels 10-24

Send Pet -> Cure of Agony -> Corruption -> Immolate -> Life Tap -> Wand

Levels 24-30

Send Pet -> Cure of Agony -> Corruption -> Life Tap 2x -> Drain Life

Use Succubus with Lash of Pain ON with auto-cast enabled as you don’t have dark pact.

Levels 30-40

Send Pet -> Cure of Agony -> Corruption -> Siphon Life -> Life Tap 2x -> R1 Fear -> Go Next Mob

Levels 40-50

Send Pet -> Cure of Agony -> Corruption -> Siphon Life -> Life Tap 2x -> R1 Fear -> Go Next Mob

Turn off auto-cast on Succubus and use her mana pool as a resource using Dark Pact. Use Dark Pact as you are traveling between objectives.

50-70 (Demonology)

Pet Attack -> Curse of Agony -> Corruption -> Immolate -> Life Tap 2x -> Drain Life

Put all Felguard abilities on auto cast except for taunt. Use taunt situationally to pull mobs off you when needed.


Spell Damage -> Stamina -> Intellect -> Spirit


1-50 (Affliction)


50-70 (Demonology)


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